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  Hypnotherapy Recordings to Transform Your Life
  Train Your Subconscious Mind for Life-changing Results
These recordings are transformational and extremely enjoyable to use.   With regular listening, they can help you naturally make the changes you are wanting to make.  It is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to transform your life and create what you want.  
I include special instructions with every order that will assist you in getting the most out of using my recordings for your self-hypnosis sessions.  It contains important information I give to every client who meets with me for personal, one-on-one sessions.  Having this information will dramatically increase your success in using self-hypnosis programs of any kind.  

Change first begins in the mind.  As Henry Ford once said, "If you think you can or can't, you're right."
Blissful Rejuvenation
Stress Buster
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Access Your Higher Self
Transcendental Hypnosis
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Feel Uplifted and Empowered
Confidence & Empowerment
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Attract What You Want Through Focused Awareness
Focus & Concentration
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Charismatic Public Speaking
Public Speaking with Confidence
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Become a Money Magnet
Abundance & Prosperity Mindset
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Break the Addiction to Chocolate

Chocolate No More
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Become a Permanent Non-Smoker
Stop Smoking Now
Series of 3 recordings

$39.95 CD      $24.95 MP3
Become Your Personal Best
Complete Weight Reduction Series - 8 Recordings
$98.95 CD         $49.95 MP3
Achieve Your Goal Weight at Last
Your Ideal Weight
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Release Subconscious Programming to Become Thin
Attic of Memories
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Feel Good About Eating Less

Stop Overeating
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Enjoy Your Lovely Body
Being a Happy Light Eater
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Use the Power of Your Higher Self for Weight Reduction
Transcendental Hypnosis for Weight Management
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Boost Your Metabolism with Your Mind
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Quick Pick-me-up for Weight Loss
Weight Reduction Booster
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
  Keeping the Weight Off
Maintaining Your Ideal Weight
$12.95  CD    $8.95 MP3
Listening with headphones is recommended for the optimal hypnosis experience.
These powerful, life-changing hypnotherapy recordings can help you create lasting changes in your life - inexpensively and from the privacy of your own home.  They offer a solution that addresses change where it needs to begin: in the subconscious mind. Our subconscious works on auto-pilot and is receptive to re-programming through hypnosis.  

These recordings allow you to take charge of your own personal growth and self-improvement. By combining special effects with controlled voice modulation, my products set a mood that is a truly wonderful internal experience.  

My name is Moonstone Star White.  My hypnosis recordings are based on over 7 years of working with clients through hypnosis, and combine my love of writing and communicating to help people.

Loving care and attention go into every product I make.  My recordings are guaranteed.  If you should happen to receive a defective copy, please return it to me and I will be happy to replace it.
Please Note:
These tracks are all available in MP3 format, although not as automatic downloads.  Please call or email me to order MP3s - 970-903-7360 - and I will email you the links to download your purchase.  Or you can download a mail-in or fax order form HERE.
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